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Ep. 1, Dressing the part

We humans dress to “fit” in. Sometimes fitting in is a choice, other times it’s a matter of safety and security, and yet not fitting can also be deliberate. This podcast digs deep into how we make decisions about how to dress to suit different occasions.

Our story

Welcome to AnthroTalks, an audio extravaganza on the magical mundaneness of everyday life. Designed by practicing anthropologists, this show celebrates diversity of thought, culture and practices.

Sometime in 2015 we got thinking about putting frames around our ways of experiencing the world. How many senses can we engage to tell stories about the every day? We talked to the communication gurus at the National Association for the Practice of Anthropology, a section of the American Anthropological Association, and with a tremor of enthusiasm and generosity NAPA offered to support the building of this web site and the cost of some slightly more upscale tools.

We’ve talked to a trillion people, give or take. This extravaganza is bigger than us founders. Every month we bring you conversations and videos that speak to the dramatic and not-so-dramatic forces that shape our lives and livelihoods. We want to crowdsource new topics with you. Whose voices do you want to hear? What nuggets of every day life do you want to explore?

To tell our stories, we experiment with the tools we carry with us every day in our minds and in our pockets, like our smartphones and Google Voice. And why not? When our lives can be on-the-go, shouldn’t podcasting? Enjoy the shows, and stay curious!

Quote of the month

I’ve had people say to me before, I just can’t get a handle on you. Are you a biker? Are you a punk rocker? Are you a Prof.? Are you a Rasta? Are you Afro-centric? What is going on? I’m like, ‘It’s all of those things. And actually, I really don’t care if you can’t figure it out.’

(Ep. 1, Dressing the part)

The team

inga treitler

Inga Treitler

Co-creator of AnthroTalks.

I am a cultural anthropologist working with large multi-national corporations, NGOs, and some startups, helping them via consumer research, participant observation and management consulting to spark innovation and create change toward greater inclusivity in public and private sectors.

Fun fact: Yesterday, running through a park in Boston, I stopped a man to ask the time. He answered in English. He was reading a book in Greek. Further down the road, a flock of wild turkeys crossed my path.

#consumption #traveler #writer #ethnographer #mother #refugee #fairness

taapsi ramchandani

Taapsi Ramchandani

Co-creator of AnthroTalks.

As a civic anthropologist, I combine qualitative and quantitative data to inform real-world solutions in the public sector through exploratory and evaluative research. I am also a self-certified nomad adept at street bargains in India, classroom instruction in the U.S., and government research in Trinidad.

Fun fact: I can write backwards, upside down, and upside down backwards.

#gradlife #ethnographer #doer #nomad #cook #design #civic

astrid countee

Astrid Willis Countee

Guest contributor.

I am a data loving anthropologist, software developer, digital strategist, writer and slightly lapsed yogi. My passion is understanding people, public health and medicine, and working within science and technology solve problems and develop great products.

Fun fact: I am a certified yoga instructor.

#science #technology #anthropology #animals #health #coder