1. Dressing the part


We humans dress to “fit” in. Sometimes fitting in is a choice, other times it’s a matter of safety and security, and yet not fitting can also be deliberate. This podcast digs deep into how we make decisions about how to dress to suit different occasions. What message are we sending with the way we dress? When and how does our choice of clothing or hair style or shoe height become an extension of our gender, our class or professional designation? How has our ever growing social network shaped our sense of fashion and belonging? When do we choose not to fit in?



This month, our featured guest is Alex Jong-Seok Lee. Here, he reads an excerpt from his field notes on the power of style and dress among flight attendants.


Elijah deciding what to wear… 

In the podcast, Dressing the part, we are introduced to Elijah Hutchinson, a city planner for New York City. Here he walks us through a morning of decision-making on what to wear to work.


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Dresscode: Going Tieless?

One thought on “1. Dressing the part

  1. Very nice! Speaking of appropriation, check out NPR Code Switch’s JULY 19, 2017 program “What’s So Wrong With African Americans Wearing African Clothes?” (or did this inspire you a little?)


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