3. Waiting in line


Have you ever gotten in line and waited… not sure if you were in the right place? Not sure what is going on up front? Waiting. It’s unremarkable. You don’t give it much thought. Until you have to! We talked to lots of people who have to think about waiting. Here’s what they said.


Waiting in Italy

Waiting in line in Ivrea, a small city in Northern Italy, Niccolo overhears two elderly women in front of him sharing recipes for preparing fish. Waiting in the fish line in his local market has him thinking about other things in his life that he’s waiting for. He has just finished his graduate degree and is excited to hear back from the job applications he’s sent out. Waiting is waiting. It’s what you do WHILE you are waiting that can get interesting, Niccolo reflects.

Waiting in Baltimore

John Massad, poet and anthropologist, lives and writes in a Baltimore neighborhood
that is next to Sandtown-Winchester, what photojournalist Devin Allen calls “A
Beautiful Ghetto,” the site of the Freddie Gray riots in April 2015. He lives on the
boundary of danger and safety, what is known as “out there” and “up in here,” and
he has long known what that kind of daily stress does to a person’s health. Listen to
his experience of what it means to wait in line in the heart of the ghetto.

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